Whilst listening to an interview with Richard Stallman today, he succinctly articulated something that I have believed for a long time:

The purpose of democracy is to make sure that wealthy people cannot have influence proportional to their wealth. And if they do have more influence than you or I, that means democracy is failing. The laws that they obtain in this way have no moral authority, but they have the capability of doing harm.

By being party to certain treaties, we in Australia are directly affected by the USA’s flawed political system.  Unless we learn to stand up to it a little better, like France and Canada for example, we are really going to start to feel the pain. More than we currently do from their unsupportable foreign policy…

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2 Responses to Democracy

  1. Snarkattack says:

    That’s a bloody good quote and so damn true.

  2. Nick says:

    Just commenting on this one because I can, really.

    Don’t know if we want to stand beside France, you KNOW how they lost naming rights on what are now called Freedom Fries. My french boyfriend-of-housemate didn’t know this and I told him, he was most amused.
    You know what I noticed, there are plenty of things they DIDN’T change the name of:
    – Freedom Kiss
    – Freedom Tickler
    well that’s two I can think of right now.

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