46. All Grain Pilsener

  • 5kg JW pilsener malt, cracked with my own marga
  • 130g JW light crystal
  • 100g Carapils
  • 40g JW Choc
  • 18g Northern Brewer & 33g Perle? at 60
  • 21g of Hallertau Hersbrucker @ 30
  • 14g saaz @ 1 minute
  • Saflager S-189

Left overnight in the pot outside to cool as I had to leave. In the morning, poured it into the fermenter, and added 2.5L cold to bring it up to 23L. Pitched yeast@17°C, put into brew fridge and set thermostat for 12°C.

Starting gravity: 12Brix (1.048)
SG 28/6/07: 5.4 Brix (begin diacetyl rest at 14°C)
1/7/07: racked, begin lager at 4°C

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