10. Simple Stout

Brewed on: 2/9/06
Racked on: 8/9/06
Bottled on: 10/9/06 (to make way for the Coopers Sparkling)

1 can Coopers Stout
1 can Coopers Dark Ale
250g Crystal Malt
200g Rolled Oats
10g Fuggles
90g dex and 30g of LDME for bulk priming

Steeped the malt and oats. Added the two tins to the fermenter, rinsed them out with some hot water. Steeped the (non-instant) rolled oats and crystal at 70°C for about 20 minutes, removed grain, brought to boil, added 10g Fuggles, boiled for a couple of minutes, added to fermenter, topped up to 23L with cold, pitched yeast at 25°C. Note for next time: the stout can is like tar. Dissolve in the boiling water before putting in the cold, because it’s a bitch to dissolve it once it’s all in the fermenter. Maybe add it to the boil, actually.

SG 8/9: 1.019

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