The Passion of Lager 23L

Malt shovel Two Row Lager (could probably use any lager)
40g Nelson sauvin hops
Can of Morgan’s lager malt (1kg)
Carapils grain – steeped
Saflager Yeast
Method: steeped carapils at 70C for about half an hour, then strained, brought liquid from grain and can of malt to the boil, when boiling added 10g Nelson, for 20mins then another 10g for 30 more minutes, at flameout added can of MS Two Row and remaining hops, added ice to cool then pitched yeast at 25C. When Fermentation was nearly complete (bubbling had slowed right down) boiled a can of Coles passion fruit pulp added about 5g of nelson at flameout and added to fermenter (strained through a sieve) Bulk primed with 160g Dextrose

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