12. Coopers Sparkling Clone

Brewed on: 10/9/06 (yeast pitched on the 11th despite no action in the starter. No problem, the Coopers yeasts are voracious!)
Racked on: 17/9/06
Bottled on: 23/9/06

This is my first partial mash, derived from this recipe. The boil was only 45 minutes (because I had to pick up Clarissa from the airport and the mash took longer than expected) so I jacked up the bittering hops to 15g and added the liquid malt at the end to increase the AA utilisation during the boil. Also managed to pour a fair bit of the hot wort on the floor when transferring to the fermenter. Nice and sticky.

The mash was done in my 15L stock pot wrapped in towels. 2.25kg of grain with about 8 L of water at 66°C for 45 mins. Took me a while to get up to 66°C because my first water additions were at 66° when added to the grain, but the grain cooled the water considerably. So I had to top up with about 2L of boiling water from the kettle to get it back up. Then strained into _all_ of my other pots and pans… sparged with a couple of batches of hot water out of the kettle. 2L a pop, so I ended up with about 12 or 13L of wort.

Took a while to get it up to the boil, maybe 15 mins. Had to shorten the boil time because of picking up Ris from the airport, so added the LLME at the end. Otherwise the boil was conducted as per the recipe.

I don’t have a wort chiller, so I added 5L of cold water to the fermenter, then added the hot wort on top, and topped it up to about 20L, and left overnight. That leaves space for the yeast starter, which I created using the dregs of 3 longnecks of Coopers Sparkling and a tbsp of LDME in 1 L water. Not much action in the airlock when I pitched it. I created the starter when I did the boil. Decided to pitch it anyway because the wort was warmer than the starter. No problem. Within 24 hours, there was some slow action in the airlock.


  • 1.5 kg Coopers light liquid malt extract
  • 2 kg Australian two-row ale malt
  • 250 gm. crystal malt (60° Lovibond)
  • 500 gm Belgian candi sugar (deep red)
  • 15 gm Pride of Ringwood pellet hops 45 minutes
  • 15 gm Pride of Ringwood pellet hops 15 minutes
  • 15 gm Pride of Ringwood pellet hops 2 minutes
  • 1/2 tablet Irish moss
  • Topped up to 23L

OG: 1.050 (yay, good yeild from my first mash!)
SG 17/9 (racking): 1.016

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