100. A Galaxy Far Far Away AG

4.85kg Bairds Ale
650g JW Pils
750g JW Med Crystal
10g Galaxy(15%AA) @ FWH, 15.1 IBU
10g Galaxy @30, 11.6 IBU
20g Galaxy @10, 11 IBU
20g Galaxy @0, 0 IBU

Single infusion mash at 64°C, double batch sparge at 78°C.

OG 1.050, IBU 38.

This is based on my OG Sierra Nevada Pale Ale recipe, with all the hops replaced by Galaxy!

Mmmm… Galaxy. 🙂

The mash got pretty badly stuck, but once I’d done a sparge using sieves and pots and crazyness, I noticed that the flow had started to free up.  So I took all the wort that I’d collected from the sieve and added it as sparge water at the top, and recollected it, which filtered it a lot better.

Did a no-chill overnight with a towel on the pot sitting in a tub of water.  Pitched a Coopers kit yeast in the morning (kit yeast stamped with PA, which I think is a lager/ale mix), OG 11 Brix, equating to 1.044, a bit disappointing really as I was aiming for something in the 50s.  I used a Coopers yeast because I’m really on a tight schedule for tasting here; I leave the country in a month+2 days, and need something drinkable before then!  Perhaps I’ll be getting on the flight with a hangover… 😉

Pitched a second yeast (also stamped PA) when I got home from work, just to make sure.  Going great guns the next morning.

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