21. Rob’s pilsener

Brewed on: 20/11/06
Racked on: 2/12/06, 25g Saaz dry hopped
Bottled on: 22/12/06, 160g sucrose bulk primed1 can coopers lager
1kg BE1
250g LDME
250g Dry Wheat Malt
20g Saaz @ 15 mins
20g Saaz @ 5 mins
Coopers liquid yeast slurry22/11/06 Bah! Bloody hot days; I haven’t been able to get this one below 24 degrees, so I reckon it’s going to be shite! Anyway, I’ll rack it and chuck in t nother 25g Saaz dry into secondary. Then we’ll see if the heat wave wrecked my poor beer 🙁

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