Mountain Goat Hightail clone 1

  • 1.7kg Coopers Real Ale tin (Pale ale if doing Mtn Goat Pale Ale)
  • 1kg Light dry malt extract
  • 100g Crystal malt (steeped for 20 minutes)
  • 100g brewing sugar
  • 25g Amarillo hops for the Pale Ale or Goldings/Fuggles for the Hightail, steeped for 10 mins with the LME.

1. Crush the Crystal in your mortar and pestle, add to grain sock and steep at 70-80°C for 20 mins, or use a coffee plunger.
2. Put the liquor from the Crystal into a pot, top up to 2L, add the LDME, bring to boil.
3. When the LDME is fully dissolved, add the hops, turn off the heat, put on the lid, and wait for 10 minutes.
4. Half top up your fermenter with cold water, and pour the contents of your pot into it, then top up to 23L.
5. Pitch yeast. Ferment as close to 18°C as you can.

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