Liquid yeast starters

Smack the pack and shake it hard to mix
leave it sit to incubate for about 24 hours
grab a 2 litre coke bottle, bung and airlock and steralise them
mix about 200ml of boiling (kettle) water with 150gm ldme
fill coke bottle about 1/4 full with cold water
add hot malt
fill with cold to about 100ml from the top and add contents of smackpack.
give a good hard shake for a couple of seconds then let sit to ferment out with bung and airlock in place, this can take anywhere from 36-72 hours depending on temp, ideal is between 21-25*C.

When its done steralise 6 stubbies and fill them with sollution from the 2 litre bottle making sure to swirl wel( 2 litre) to get all the sediment, Cap these and imediately refridgerate, when you are ready to do a brew just prepare one of these the day before like this:

Steralise a 750ml longneck, bung and airlock.
Add about 1/3 cold water to this then in a cup mix 1 heaped table spoon of malt or dex with a good splash of hot water and dissolve add this to the bottle then add your stubbie once again be sure to swirl the sediment and also bring up to room temp or there abouts before adding, fill longneck with cold to about 100ml from the top, shake well, bung and airlock it and let to sit overnight, next day make your brew, pitch this bottle( yes swirl again to get all of it) and continue as normal- its foolproof and you get six lots instead of 1 Laughing Laughing


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