Coopers Vintage partial

I bought myself a sixpack of these babies last night. They’re very nice, with a nice bitterness balance, with the bitterness playing second fiddle to the beautiful caramels and roasted flavours of the malt.

I’m going to try this one on the weekend hopefully; I’ve already made up my starter from some Pale Ale longies. I’m going to do a partial:

6kg Ale Malt
150g Wheat Malt
40g Chocolate Malt
1 1.5kg tin Coopers Light Malt Extract
25g POR @ 60 mins
25g Goldings @ 20 mins

Mash in with 15L @ 75°C, aim for mash temp of 67-68°C for 60 mins. Sparge: round 1: 6L @ 80°C, round 2: 6L @ 80°C.

Then add liquid pale malt and do boil.

OG: ~1.070
IBUs: ~50

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