Rob’s robust porter

3 kg LLME
1 kg DDME
300g Chocolate Malt
300g 60L Crystal Malt
150g Roast Malt

50 g Willamette Hops (30 min)
20 g Goldings Hops (20 min)
20 g Cascade Hops (dry in secondary)

1 vial White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast

1. Steep Crystal, Chocolate and Roast malts in 65-75F brewing water (amount of water determined by size of your pot) for 15-20 minutes. Then remove.
2. Mix in Coopers Light Malt Extract, dry malt, calcium chloride and Willamette hops. Bring to very light boil. Total boil time: 30 minutes.
3. Add the rest of hops based on above hop schedule.
4. Cool wort in pot, then transfer to fermenter, top up if necessary to 5 gallons.
5. Pitch yeast when temperature is <80F.

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