162. Wheat-Oatmeal Nut Stout AG

Based on https://helms-deep.net/~rwh/blog/beer/?p=797

2.8kg JW ale malt
1.1kg JW wheat malt
550g JW crystal
240g rolled oats
280g JW roast barley
280 JW choc malt
40g Northern Brewer 7%AA and 9g EKG 5.1%AA @ 60 minutes
20g EKG @ 30 minutes
20g EKG @ flameout
Safale S-04

Mash schedule as in the recipe. No problem with sparge sticking. No-chill overnight.

2021-05-08 Poured cooled wort into fermenter through sieve to catch hops/break material. Pitched yeast.

2021-05-17: Racked onto 80g sucrose, bottled.

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