Porter options

Just cos its porter season and want to remind others there is more than one way to skin a cat…..

Honey Porter
1 can Coopers lager
1kg dark malt extract
500g blue gum honey
500g weyermann carafa special 2 malt
25g POR hops at 45mins
20g cascade at flameout

This is a nice beer, big creamy head, not overly bitter but the extra bittering adds a balance to the maltiness.

Chocolate Porter
1 can Blackrock Mexican lager
1 kg LDME
450 g Chocolate Malt
50g roast barley
20 g POR @ 30mins
20 g Fuggles @ 20 mins
20 g Fuggles @ flameout
Safale S-04

This has been sitting in secondary for 2 weeks now waiting to be bottled, struggling to find the time. Had a nice chocolate flavour when i racked it.


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