8. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Brewed on: 18/8/06
Racked on: 25/8/06
Bottled on: 2/9/06

  • 3 kgs Coopers Light Malt Extract
  • 380 g Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 250 g 60°L (160°EBC) Crystal Malt
  • 115 g Carapils Malt
  • 1 tablet Irish Moss
  • 28 g Perle Pellet Hops (20 min)
  • 12 g Perle Pellet Hops (15 min)
  • 28 g Cascade Pellet Hops (2 min)
  • 28 g Cascade Pellet Hops (steeped)
  • Safale US-56 yeast


  1. Steeped Crystal and Crapils malts in 70°C brewing water (around 10L of water) for 15-20 minutes. Then removed.
  2. Mixed in Coopers Light Malt Extract, Light DME and 28g Perle hops. Brought to very light boil.
  3. Added 2nd addition of Perle hops and Irish Moss with 15 minutes remaining in boil. Added 1st addition of Cascade hops with 2 minutes remaining in boil. Added last addition of Cascades at end of boil.
  4. Cooled wort in the pot by adding ice, and draping wet teatowels over it for several hours. Transfered into fermenter. Topped up to 23 litres with cold, but the temp was still around 28°C, and Safale has a recommended range of 15-25°. So I left it for 9 more hours, then pitched the yeast at about 20°C

Starting Specific Gravity: 1.054
Specific gravity 25/8/06: 1.016
Specific gravity 29/8/06: 1.016
Specific gravity 2/9/06: 1.015

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