7. Coopers Bitter

Bog standard coopers bitter.
Brewed on: 11/8/06
Racked on: 16/8/06
Bottled on: 22/8/06


  • Coopers Bitter kit
  • Coopers Brew Enhancer 2
  • Cascade hop pellets, 17g at 3 mins

Boiled 2 L water, added BE2, boiled for 5 mins, added cascade hop pellets, boiled for 3 mins, added lid. Cleaned fermenter, added the wort. Added Coopers Bitter kit can. Filled to 23L.

Starting Specific Gravity 11/8/06: 1.046
Racked 16/8/06, Specific Gravity: 1.015
Specific Gravity 19/8/06: 1.012
Specific Gravity 22/8/06: 1.012 (bottled)

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