Brewery Logo mk.1

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for a while, here’s mark 1 of my logo design (and yes, I know I’m design-taste-challenged ;)). Now I have to think of a good name too, but I’m obviously going for a North Melbourne theme here, or perhaps U11.


North Melbourne brewery theme mk1

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  1. Nick says:

    Cool! Frosty told us about this and I thought I’d dig it up.
    I like the idea. I think it looks a little tooo “big-city” though because there are a lot of buildings; I think of North Melbourne with more of a quaint, smaller community feel.
    What are your plans for world domination with this logo? I’d like to take the idea and have a crack at it, be fun. And when you want a CMS with ecommerce you know who to come to!!!!

    I did like Frosty’s idea, calling it “Nobody”, because “Nobody’s Perfect”. Kind of a one-line-name, but, amusing. How about you name it after the asylum that used to be in the area, just “Asylum Beer”. Or, “Squatters”. You could have a graphic reminiscent of old Australian bushies, which on closer inspection was modern-day “itinerants” … with golf clubs …

    I have to say I’m surprised at the amount of crap you’ve got on your blog too! I thought you spent time doing much more constructive things! You should get a facebook it’s great fun for wasting time. If you do be sure to add me. Anyway this has really become more of a catch-up email than a “comment”. I look forward to drinking more of your delicious beer sometime.
    You should join us for poker on a Friday sometime, great fun.
    Especially while drinking your delicious beer.

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