48. Sierra Nevada AG


Changed hopping schedule (used First Wort Hopping technique).

36g Cascade and 11g Magnum FWH @ 60 mins
14g Perle @ 30 mins
20g Cascade @ 10 mins
28g Cascade @ flameout

Used 5kg JW Ale malt plus 700g JW Light crystal. Attempted to mash at 67°C, but didn’t hit it and had to raise temp using 4L of boiling or so. Also the mashout didn’t quite work as planned: got up to 76°C only on the second batch sparge. The first was probably closer to 74.

Pitched yeast after 24 hours (no-chill method). 1L starter with 100g LDME using a starter from the fridge (wyeast 1056). OG 12.2 brix, 27L.

Racked 8/7/07, SG 6.0 brix
Bottled/kegged 11/7/07, 6.0 brix

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