Trough Lolly’s Dry Irish Stout

Over the years, I’ve found less is more…I’ve gone for excessively complicated recipes with more than six types of grains and all sorts of salts modifications and fairly complicated mash schedules…and to be honest, they never really hit the mark. In the last two years, I did some stouts and one in particular had an excellent grain flavour profile and another several stouts were based on another recipe that had an excellent hop profile. So, I’ve been merging the two dry stout recipes, and this is where I’m currently at:

Trough Lolly’s Dry Irish Stout
All calcs based on Promash.
Batch Size = 21L
OG 1.047 IBU 46 EBC 78
Efficiency set at 70%

4kg Bairds Marris Otter 86.0%
300g Flaked Barley 6.5%
300g Roasted Barley 6.5%
50g Weyermann Acidulated Malt 1.1%
Mash for one hour at no higher than 65C.
A 30 minute protein rest beforehand is recommended but not essential.

35g Goldings Pellets 7.00% A/A 60 mins
20g Goldings Pellets 7.00% A/A 20 mins

WYeast 1084 Irish Ale

Now you may want to increase the base malt to up the gravity but I find the dry stout tends to get muddled (fancy tech term for alcohol over-riding the dry flavour profile!) if you push the OG beyond 1.055. Styrian Goldings as the second addition don’t taste too bad either and I don’t have an aroma addition – if you must add hop aroma to your dry stout (and block out the lovely fresh roasted grain aroma in the process) then perhaps some Fuggles may be in order.
As for water, that depends on what water you have – I always add a rounded teaspoon of Gypsum and another teaspoon (sometimes two) of Chalk to help burtonise the mashwater.

Anyway I hope this recipe, and the earlier links I posted, help.


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