68. Medium Mead

5kg Yellow Box honey
1kg Orange Blossom honey
1kg White Clover honey (a bit crystalised)
Lalvin 71B Yeast, stepped up twice in starters
5g wYeast nutrient
16L water (4L boiled, 10L refrigerated, 2L tap)

Warmed honey in a sink of hot water, Boiled 4L water, dissolved honey into it. Temp was too low (in the 50s) so I heated it to 71, left it for >10 minutes to pasteurise. Added 10L refrigerated water to fermenter, added must, topped up with 2L tap water. Pitched yeast slurry from starter, put in fridge, set to 18°C.

Starters were made from 200g honey in 1.5L starter with 1/2 teaspoon yeast nutrient, and the second starter additionally had a table spoon of LDME. Both starters were stirred on the stir-plate.

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