72. Morgans Royal Oak Amber Ale

Partial Recipe

1 tin Morgans Royal Oak Amber Ale
1.5kg Powells Ale Malt (?)
750g JW Amber Malt
11g Fuggles @ 15 minutes
kit yeast

Crushed and mashed the Ale and Amber malts with 7L @ 75°C resulting in a saccarification rest at 67°C for 45 minutes. Batch sparged with 5L @ ~80°C. Collected about 9L @ 11 Brix. 10L cold into fermenter, then poured in the wort, then topped up to 22, then realised I forgot the can, stirred that in. Temp was 38°C, so left in the brew fridge for 6 hours before pitching yeast at 18°C.

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