101. Revival Amber Ale

1 1.7kg can, Young’s Brew Buddy lager kit
1 1.5kg can of Coopers amber malt extract
200g Goldsword Grains crystal malt, 120 EBC
28g Challenger pressed whole hops @ 20 minutes, 7.6AA for 17 IBU
28g Goldings pressed whole hops @ 10 minutes, 7.04AA for 12.7 IBU
11g sachet of Danstar Nottingham yeast
20L final volume

4L boil.  Steeped crystal at 70ish degrees for 15 to 20 minutes.  Poured through a further litre or so of hot water to account for grain losses.  Added 1/2 tin of Coopers extract and did boil.  Strained through a teatowel into the fermenter, rinsing the voluminous hop residue with a few litres of cold.  Second “boil”, which was really just heating to just before boiling to disolve the remainder of the extracts in a litre or so of water, which was then added to the fermenter, and topped up to 20L and the yeast pitched immediately.

bottled 24/8/2010

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