102. Nelson Sauvin Ale (partial mash)

1kg Maris Otter, crushed at the brew shop
1 1.7kg can, Young’s Brew Buddy lager kit
500g Muntons extra light spray malt
28g Nelson Sauvin hop flowers @ 15 mins, 11.5%AA for 21 IBU
14g Nelson Sauvin hop flowers @ 5 mins, 11.5%AA for 4 IBU
Danstar Nottingham yeast

Heated 3L strike water in a large pot and poured in Maris Otter, breaking up the dough balls and hitting about 69 degrees.  Covered with a plate.  Added a burst of heat to bring it up to 72 degrees.  Was 70 degrees at 15 mins, 69.5 at 40 mins, 68 degrees at 45 mins and 65 at 60 mins.

While the mash was proceeding, boiled 2L of water with 300g of the spray malt, doing the hop additions as scheduled.  Strained into the fermenter, rinsed through the hops with a little cold water.

Next, did a short boil with the Young’s Lager kit and the remaining spray malt and added to the fermenter.  Strained the mash into two pots, running some 80 degree water through the grain in the sieve to rinse it.  Brought to boil until foam dropped and then boiled for a further 5 mins.  Total volume of the liquor was probably something like 3-4 litres.  Added to the fermenter, topped up to 20L.  Temp: 42 degrees.  Left to cool.  Pitched yeast once cooled, around 5 hours later.

Bottled 7/9/2010, 140g bulk prime in primary.

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