103. Stouty goodness

Based on this Coopers Best Extra Stout recipe:

500g Munton’s extra light spray malt extract
1000g Muntons medium spray malt extract
500g Munton’s dark spray malt extract
500g Munton’s extra dark spray malt extract
300g Crystal malt extract
200g Roast barley
400g Dark brown sugar
62g challenger flowers at 7.6% AA @ 45 mins for 33.7 IBU
18g East Kent Goldings hop flowers at 7.04% AA @ 15 mins for 2.2 IBU
11g danstar windsor yeast

2L steep of grains in 80 degree water -> 70 degrees after mixing for 15 minutes.  1L rinse at 80 degrees.  Added to pot.  Topped to 5L for boil.  500g of medium extract used in boil, hops added as scheduled.  Strained into fermenter containing 5L of cold water, rinsed hops flowers with 1L cold.  Dissolved sugar and remaining extract in 3L boil, added to fermenter.  Topped to 20L, pitched yeast immediately (whoops) at 40 degrees C.  Put fermenter in ice bath to pull down temp, will pitch a second yeast tomorrow if no activity.

9/9/10: 4cm high krausen so no need to pitch a second yeast!

Around 15th or 16th: bottled, 140g sucrose bulk prime in primary.

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2 Responses to 103. Stouty goodness

  1. Colin says:

    What SG did you get from this recipe,and what is your expected FG?

  2. admin says:

    Good questions! I’m too lazy to take gravity readings, especially as my refractometer is in Aus. 🙁

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