104. Sierra Nevada Porter

Brewed with Lee.

500g Muntons Light Spray Malt
500g Muntons Extra Dark Spray Malt
2kg Maris Otter, crushed at the shop
225g Crystal Malt
150g Chocolate Malt
50g Black Malt
25g Carafa Special 3
12g Challenger, 7.6%AA @ 60 mins for 12 IBU
18g Northern Brewer, 10.5%AA @ 60 mins for 24 IBU
23g Willamette, 4.5% AA @ 40 mins for 10.4 IBU
16g Willamette, 4.5% AA @ 20 mins for 5.7 IBU
Safale US-05 yeast

Mashed in the 10L pot with 5L water @ 78 deg, adding all the grain.  Hit 66 deg and heated on the stove to 68 deg over 5 mins.  Temp was 68 deg at 15 mins, 64.5 at 45 mins so added some more heat up to 68 deg.  At 60 mins, strained all the grain through the sieve, then returned it to the pot and added 3L water at 84 deg, left to stand for 15 mins, then strained through the sieve again, yielding a total of 6L of liquor.  Brought this to the boil, waited for the foam to drop, then added hops as scheduled.  Boil went 7 minutes over time, but otherwise correct.  Strained into a few litres of cold in the fermenter through the sieve, squeezed and discarded spent hops.  Boiled up the extract in a couple of litres of water and added to the fermenter.  Topped up to 20L and pitched yeast immediately.

Racked, bulk primed with 100g sucrose and bottled on 17/10/2010.

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