105. Light Ale

2.5kg Maris Otter
1 1.5kg can EDME  light malt extract
14g Northern Brewer @ 60 mins
14g Willamette @ 20 mins
14g Nelson Sauvin @ 5 mins
11g Sachet of Danstar Windsor yeast

Mashed in with 7L water, miscalculating the strike water temp, and hitting 75 degrees instead of 65.  This lasted 25 minutes, until the first temperature check.  At this point, added 1.5L of tap water, bringing the temp down to 67 degrees.  Allowed mash to progress, hitting 65.5 after the next 20 minutes.  Mash finished at 70 minutes with iodine test showing full conversion.  Sparged through sieve.  First runnings of 5 L.  Topped back up for second batch from boiled kettle x2 topped up with cold, total of 3L.  Came out to 66 degrees.  Left for 20 minutes.  Second runnings of 3L.  Brought 8L to boil, added hops as scheduled.  At flameout, added the can of malt extract.  Strained into fermenter containing 5L tap water, topped up to 20L.  Left outside for 1.25 hours to cool.  Pitched yeast.

Weight(oz.) Alpha Acid (%) Boil Time(min) IBU
Addition 1 .5 10.5 60 18.9
Addition 2 .5 4.5 20 5.1
Addition 3 .5 11.5 5 4.3
Total IBU: 28.3

6/11/2010: Racked, leaving behind 1L trub.  Topped up with 4L cold water to bring to 23L.

8/11/2010: Bulk primed with 100g of sucrose and bottled with David Blundy.

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