106. SunnyD and Rum IPA (AE)


Brewed with Dave, approximate recipe because the battery in the scales was flat.  A plastic plate stood in.

2kg muntons pale spray malt
500g MUNTons dark spray malt
250g Medium crystal malt
30g Northern Brewer hops @ 60 mins
22g Styrian Goldings hops @ 20 mins
7g Nelson Sauvin hops @ 5 mins
Danstar Nottingham yeast

4L boil with 500g pale malt.  Steeped the crystal and added liquor towards the end of the boil, bringing it back up to the boil just before the aroma addition.  Total boil volume was 5L at that point.  Strained into fermenter and topped up to 20L.  We erred on the side of generous flavour and aroma hop usage, because an IBU of 20 is pretty low.  Yeast pitched immediately.

14/11/2010.  Armed with a new battery for the scales, I weighed all the remaining hops, and based on that worked out the actual hop usage.  IBU turned out to be more than twice expected due to a rather more generous than estimated bittering hop addition:

Estimated (g.) AA (%) Boil Time (min) IBU
Northern Brewer 11 10.5 60 15.1
Styrian Goldings 11 4.5 20 4
Nelson Sauvin 8 11.5 5 2.6
Total IBU: 21.7
Actual (g.) AA (%) Boil Time (min) IBU
Northern Brewer 30 10.5 60 40
Styrian Goldings 22 4.5 20 7.9
Nelson Sauvin 7 11.5 5 2.2
Total IBU: 50.1

27/11/2010: bottled with lee, bulk primed with 83g sucrose.

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