107. Stouty reprise

Based on this Coopers Best Extra Stout recipe:
Is a reprise of 103. Stouty goodness.

500g Munton’s light spray malt extract
1000g Muntons medium spray malt extract
500g Munton’s dark spray malt extract
500g Munton’s extra dark spray malt extract
300g Crystal malt
200g Roast barley
400g Dark brown sugar
39g Northern Brewer flowers @ 10.5% AA @ 50 mins for 30 IBU
18g East Kent Goldings hop flowers at 5.22% AA @ 15 mins for 1.8 IBU
11g danstar windsor yeast

285g crystal and 200g roast barley steeped in 2L 76 deg C water -> 65 after adding grain.  Left for 30 minutes, then tea towel lifted out, liquor transferred to pot.  1L boiled, cooled water added to grain, reached 65 on addition to grain.  Second steep 10 minutes, then liquor transferred to pot.  2L total liquor.  Added 500g medium extract, topped up to 5L, brought to boil.  Added hops as scheduled.  1L lost during boil.  Used about 1.5L hot water in a separate pot to dissolve 1kg of the remaining extract, 1kg added directly at the end of the boil.  Sugar added at end as well.  Strained into fermenter and topped up to 20L with cold.  Pitched yeast immediately as temperature was only slightly warm to touch.

20/3/11: racked, bulk primed with 120g sucrose, bottled.

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2 Responses to 107. Stouty reprise

  1. zack says:

    hey how did this turn out? i’m thinking of making it

  2. admin says:

    Turned out great; smooth, well balanced and easy to drink. The brown sugar rounds it out nicely. My girlfriend’s even become addicted to it, it’s all she ever asks for when I offer her a beer. The 103 Stouty goodness had a slightly better set of hops, but the difference is marginal.

    Give it a few weeks in the bottle and you won’t be disappointed.

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