Guest: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale AG

For 20L, brewed for Sam Franzen and with Lee Hart. Built up and used the mash tun for the first time. Also bought a 29L pot for the full-volume boil.

4.35kg Maris Otter pale malt
600g 60L (light) crystal malt

17g Amarillo, 8.9%AA at 60 mins
12g Amarillo, 8.9%AA at 30 mins
33g Cascade, 7.6%AA at 10 mins
67g Cascade, 7.6%AA at 0 mins

Mashed in with 13.5L at 67 degrees for 30 minutes. Iodine test was negative for starch, so continued with first runnings. Second batch of 9.5L at 80ish degrees added and left for 10 mins before taking the second runnings. Then third batch of 4L at 80 degrees, 10 mins before third runnings. Brought to boil and added hops as scheduled. Put the lid on the pot, opened the window to the cold April night and let it cool overnight.

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