1. Cooper’s Pale Ale

This is a bog standard Coopers Pale Ale. My first brew!

Started: 3/6/2006
Bottled: 9/6/2006


* 1 Coopers Pale Ale
* 1kg dextrose
* Coopers carbonation drops

Method: Bog standard Kit and Kilo

Numbers: Wort Volume: 21L, some of which bubbled out the airlock.

Tasting: It has a slightly green cast when you poor it into a glass, perfect for St. Patrick’s day! 🙂 It also certainly lives up to its name of “Coopers Green”… Slightly strange aftertaste which I’m guessing is because of the slightly high fermentation temperature, but you don’t really notice after the first glass. Also slightly watery, probably due to the use of dextrose rather than malt.

Actually, it turns out that the green cast was there because of the green neon in Hayden’s garage.

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