2. Cascade Pale Ale

This is a bog standard Cascade Pale Ale.

Started: 9/6/2006
Bottled: 24/6/2006


* 1 Cascade Pale Ale
* 1kg Coopers brewing sugar
* Coopers carbonation drops

Method: Bog standard Kit and Kilo.

Wort Volume: 20L
Specific Gravity on 21/6: 1010@18°C
Specific Gravity on 22/6: 1010@18°C
Specific Gravity on 23/6: 1008@18°C
Specific Gravity on 23/6: 1007@17°C

Tasting notes:
6/7/06: Bah! This thing is strong on the homebrew flavours, low on the hops, and really is… well, basically, shit. Makes you feel a little sick to boot. I reckon this one’s going into “age it as long as you can and hope it comes good” mode.

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