3. Cascade Heritage Lager with additional hops

I just started my third brew, a lager, in my brand-spanking new 30L fermenter.
Date of brewing: 15/6/2006
Date of bottling: 26/6/2006


  • 1 1.7kg can Coopers Heritage Lager
  • 1 1.5kg can Coopers light malt
  • 1 25g sachet of Cluster Hop Pellets (AA 6.5%)
  • 1/2 25g sachet of Hersbrucker Hop Pellets (AA 3.1%)
  • 1 11.5g sachet Saflager S-23 lager/pilsner yeast (instead of the one that came with the kit)
  • 7 tablespoons dried light malt
  • Coopers/Brewcraft carbonation drops


Made up the yeast starter by boiling 500mL water with 4 tablespoons of dried malt. Allowed to cool to 25 degrees, pitched yeast, airlocked.

Boiled 2L of water with 3 tablespoons of malt. Added bittering hops (Cluster), boiled for 50 minutes. Added aroma hops (Hersbrucker), boiled for 10 minutes. Strained and re-boiled the hops mixture.

Added the coopers cans to 2L boiling water in the fermenter, added hops mixture, mixed it up. made up to 22.5L with cold. Put into cupboard where the temperature should be around 15 degrees for the lager fermentation. Watched family guy and American Dad.

Tomorrow, I’ll add the yeast starter to the fermenter so long as the temperatures have stabilised properly.


  • Original Gravity: 1.042 at 25°C
  • Gravity at 21/6: 1.019 at 15°C
  • Gravity at 23/6: 1.012 at 15°C
  • Gravity at 24/6: 1.010 at 16°C
  • Gravity at 26/6: 1.011 at 17°C (bottled)
  • Temperature of Fermentation: ~15°C
  • IBU Estimate: Whatever the can was (probably ~21) + ~24 = ~45(!)
  • Alcohol By Volume Estimate: 4.3%
  • Wort Volume: 23L

9/7/06: Good head retention, good body, maybe a tad hoppy, but I reckon this one is going to be a real pearler once it’s been aged and cold conditioned 🙂

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