4. Wassa’s Honey Porter

I just finished putting down brew number four, so I thought that while I watch some of the Tour, I’d give you all a rundown of this baby. Tell you what, it smells damn good. It might even be ready by the homebrew party, which will mean I’ll have four different beers for you all to “enjoy”. 😉
Date of brewing: 4/7/2006
Date of bottling: 15/7/2006

  • 1 can Cascade Chocolate Mahogany Porter
  • Cascade Bohemian Yeast 4299 from under the lid, whatever that is
  • 1kg Dark dry malt extract
  • 500gm of Yellowbox honey
  • 12.5gm Cascade hops (steeped in 4 tablespoons light malt)

Drank 1 pot of Coopers Red. Boiled the 4tbsp of light malt, then removed from heat and added the 12.5g Cascade hops, allowed to steep for 10 minutes, then strained into the fermenter. Softened and added the Cascade Chocolate Mahogony Porter can and the 1kg DDME along with 2L boiling water. Drank another pot of Coopers Red. Softened and added 500g of Yellow box honey. Drank another pot of Coopers Red. Filled the fermenter to 23L with cold water through a sieve (to aerate the cold water). Pitched yeast (at 19°C). Put lid on fermenter, tried to add airlock through the rubber grommet in the lid. Pushed the rubber grommet into the wort. Tried to find it with a seive, which helped to dissolve the yeast anyway. Didn’t find it. Ran upstairs, removed shirt, washed arm vigorously under cold shower, splashing copious amounts of water onto jeans in the process. Stuck arm into wort and retrieved rubber grommet. Sealed up the fermenter. Poured last pot of Coopers Red. Sat down to write this up.

Specific Gravity 4/7/2006: 1.073 at 19.5°C (wtf?)
Specific Gravity 9/7/06: 1.019 at 18.5°C
Specific Gravity 12/7/06: 1.012 at ~19°C
Specific Gravity 13/7/06: 1.012 at ~18°C
Specific Gravity 15/7/06: 1.012 at ~18°C

Can’t wait for this one… Wassa’s a gun! 😀

27/7/06 I tried a bottle of the Honey porter the other day, and it definitely shows promise. A bit sweet, but after only a week in the bottle that’s to be expected. I can already tell it’s going to be one of those beers you drink slowly to appreciate the taste and mouthfeel. Oh, and it’s a most glorious colour; when you hold it up to the light, it transitions all the way from the lightest yellow, through orange to deep brown. Gorgeous!

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