121. tAlex’s Summer Ale (partial)

1kg Maris Otter
1kg Vienna
0.5kg Wheat
1 1.5kg can Coopers LLME (80% dry weight of malt extract)
500g Munton’s LDME

6g Nelson Sauvin, 11.5%AA @ 60 mins
15g NS @ 10 mins
15g Crystal @ 10 mins
15g NS @ 5 mins
15g Crystal @ 5 mins
15g NS @ flameout

Mash (half size):
Protein Rest at 55oC for 15 mins (4L water at 68oC) 1.5L/kg thickness
Mash at 68oC for 30 mins Added 2L 100oC water
Mash at 70C for 15 mins Added 2L of 100oC water

Continuous sparged, total liquor volume 12L.

Extract added at flameout. Then no chill over night.

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