122. Leftover Brown Ale AG

3kg marris otter
500g amber malt
200g choc malt
130g light crystal malt

Mashed in with 10L water at 79 deg, resulting in 66 deg mash for 30 minutes. Added 10L 79 deg strike water. Continuous sparged with an additional 10L 70 deg water.

Northern Brewer, 28g, 10.3%AA at 60mins for 30.9 IBU
Amarillo, 28g, 8.9%AA at 20 mins for 16.7 IBU
Willamette, 28g, 4.5%AA at 10 mins for 6.7 IBU
Cascade, 35g, 7.6%AA at 5 mins for 4.7 IBU

Total IBU: 59

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