123. BullsHead Summer Saison extract with mini mash

Based on: http://aussiehomebrewer.com/recipe/1307-bullshead-summer-saison/

1.5kg can of Coopers LLME
1kg Extra light dry malt extract
660g Wheat malt
100g Acid malt
24g Saaz, 4%AA at 45 mins
13g Goldings, 5% at 15 mins
17g Hallertauer Hersbrucker, 4% at flameout
5g Irish Moss at 30 mins
Danstar Belle Saison Yeast

Mashed the wheat and acid malt, then strained the result through a sieve. This formed the basis of the boil. Extract was added to the boil along with extra hot water to aid in dissolving, then this was all strained into the fermenter and topped up to 20L. Yeast pitched immediately and the fermenter transferred to the hot water cupboard the next morning to provide the warmer temperatures favoured by the saison yeast.

2014-09-23: Racked onto 20g of sucrose to ensure oxygen elimination from the head space. Used a strainer to block large clumps of flocculated yeast that were floating on the surface. I’ve not seen this behaviour from a yeast before. Returned to the hot water cupboard.

2014-10-01: Racked, bulk primed with 100g sucrose, bottled.


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