124. Black IPA AG

Based on: https://byo.com/stories/item/2013-birth-of-a-new-style-cascadian-dark-ale

5kg Pale malt
500g Carafa Special I
1kg Munich malt
230g Crystal malt
340g Wheat malt
Chinook 6g 15% FWH 6g Subst Crystal
Amarillo, 4g, 10%AA @ FWH
Northern Brewer 14g, 14%AA @ 60 mins
Nelson Sauvin 17g, 11.5%AA @ 60 mins
Amarillo 11g, 10%AA @ 30 mins
5g Irish Moss @ 30 mins
Cascade 14g, 5%AA @ 15 mins
Cascade 14g, 5%AA @ 2 mins
Cascade 26g, 5%AA @ 0 mins
Amarillo 30g, 10%AA @ 0 mins
Danstar US-05 yeast
Mash at 67 degrees, 60 mins. Sparge at 77 degrees. 26L runoff. Mash actually hit 68 degrees. Boil as listed, but accidentally used our Amarillo addition at flameout instead of dry hopping. Will need to add some other hop for the dry hopping. No-chill process, so left outside overnight, yeast pitched in the morning.

2014-09-23: Racked onto 20g sucrose to ensure oxygen elimination from the head space and dry hopped with:
7g Crystal, 3.3%AA
11g Willamette, 4.5%AA
8g East Kent Goldings, 5.5%AA
7g Cascade, 9.1%

2014-09-28: Racked, bulk primed with 80g sucrose, bottled.


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