Dogger’s Honey Maple

Ok Folks, Baseline stuff, play as required. This was my killer recipie before I got heavily involved in grains. Anyone interested in brewing honey may want to give it a go. You can leave out the Maple Syrup and it will still be fine. I have added ginger to this to and it is just yum.

  • 1 Coopers kit, preferably a Canadian
  • 1 kg Pale Malt Extract (liquid)
  • 250 g Crystal Malt
  • 500 g clover honey
  • 250 g Maple Syrup
  • 20 g Cascade (20 min left)
  • 28 g Saaz (1 min)

Add the Crystal Malt to a grain sock (clean nylon stocking like the type the missus wears) and add it to 8 litres of water, bring to boil. Just before boiling is reached pull out the grains and stocking and strain.

Add the kit, malt and honey and boil for 1 hr with the 8 litres of water if you can, watch for boil overs.

20 min left add the Cascade, 1 min left add the Saaz and Maple Syrup.

Strain into the fermentor, top up to 23 litres, pitch yeast.


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