126. BullsHead Summer Saison extract with mini mash

2.2kg LDME
660g Wheat malt
100g Acid malt
32g Saaz, 3%AA at 45 mins
14g EK Goldings, 4.6% 15 mins
17g Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, 2.8% at flameout
Danstar Belle Saison Yeast, pitched at 32 degrees.

Mashed the wheat and acid together at around 66 degrees for an hour. Then batch sparged, used the liquor as the basis for the boil. 5 mins after flameout, added 4L hot water from the tap, plus the 2.2kg LDME. Topped up to 23L.

2014-12-24: Racked into small keg, remainder bulk primed at 5g/L sucrose and bottled.

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