Alcoholic Lemonade’s my recipe that is gleaned from all of the above info: Ingredients:

  • 3kg lemons
  • 2kg sucrose/dextrose (might use 1kg dex, 1kg coopers brewing sugar)
  • 1kg lactose
  • 5g yeast nutrient
  • Ale yeast

Method:Make yeast starter out of some sucrose, the yeast nutrient and the yeast, using well aerated water.

Wash and juice lemons, grate rind off half skins, the other half of the skins chop up. Add all to 4L water along with sugar if it fits in the pot. Boil for 20 minutes. Strain into fermenter, make up to 23L, wait till temp < 30°C, pitch yeast starter.

additional tips received after first attempt:
You are best to add fruit to 2ndary, as the boil will drive off a lot of the volatile fruit flavours. Also, primary fermentation will ‘scrub’ alot of the flavours out by the action of CO2 bubbles.

With frozen fruit, put into pot with minimum amount of water that will cover the fruit. Bring the temperature up to ~68°C and keep it there for 20 minutes. Pour the whole thing into your 2ndary fermenter, and rack your brew on top.

In relation to the amount of fruit added, as a rule you need 1kg of fruit to every 8-10L. This will give a noticable fruit flavour to your brew.

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