131. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale AG

5kg JW Ale
700g JW Crystal
33g Cascade pellets, 7.6%AA & 10g Chinook pellets, 13.3%AA FWH
10g Chinook pellets @ 30 mins
20g Cascade pellets @ 10 mins
27g Cascade pellets @ flameout
Safale US-05

New mash tun made from 26 L Esky Chilla with toilet hose braid clamped onto 10 mm vinyl tube. No hole in the Esky, so syphon is required.

Mashed in at 67 for 1 hour, topped up with 1L boiling water half way through to maintain temp. Boiled in two pots. No chill, overnight in pots. Next morning, transferred 23L to fermenter, pitched yeast.

2015-05-16: Racked. Has been difficult to keep temp > 18 so will give the beer another week to finish.

2015-05-21: Kegged, plus 6 longnecks which were carbonated with 2 carbonation drops each.

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