132. Munich Dunkel AG

4 kg JW Pils
1 kg JW Munich I
1 kg JW Vienna
260 g JW crystal
260 g JW choc
100 g Carafa Special I
14 g Perle, 6.3% AA @ 60 mins
13 g Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, 2.9% AA @ 40 mins
11 g Hallertauer Mittelfrüh, 2.9% AA @ 2 mins
2308 Munich Lager yeast

Yeast starter made from smacking the pack, leaving for 2 hours, then adding this to 40 g LDME boiled in 400 mL water (allowed to cool), then left overnight while the brew no-chilled.

Mashed in with 14 L @ 77 degrees, mash temp 66 for 1.5 hours. Added 1.7L boiling water @ mash out, then continuous sparged with ~15 L @ 77 degrees; boil volume ~24 L. No chill overnight, then transferred to fermenter, 22 L topped to 23 L, pitched about 3/4 of the yest starter. OG 1.058. The remaining 1/4 of the starter will be topped up and used in my next brew.

2015-05-27: Kegged, bottled. Bottles: 13L racked and bulk primed with 52g sucrose.

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