Antsvb’s James Squire Amber Ale clone

Just did a side by side drink of a recent brew with a bottle of JS Amber Ale. Not exactly the same, but pretty damn close we reckon (was never intended to be the same, just realised it was close on recent tasting). Ours was darker in colour and stronger in flavour with more hop influence in the aftertaste. Original was slighty sweeter and maltier. Never set out to really make clones but am pretty happy with this as the JSAA is just about my favourite commercial brew.

Thought I’d put it up here, since it seems to be a clone that comes up around here often.

  • 1 tin Morgan’s Royal Oak Amber Ale
  • 500g Light dry Malt
  • 450g Dextrose
  • 250g Maltodextrin
  • Williamette hops (teabag – 12g)
  • 100g Crystal grains
  • Kit Yeast.

(23litres)Grains steeped for 30 minutes and hops for 10minutes. Hop bag also boiled for 15minutes.

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