134. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale AG

5 kg JW Ale
700 g JW Medium Crystal
33g 2014 Cascade pellets, 7.0%AA & 10g 2013 Chinook pellets, 13.3%AA FWH
10g Chinook pellets @ 30 mins
20g Cascade pellets @ 10 mins
17g 2014 NZ Cascade flowers @ flameout
10g Cascade pellets @ flameout
Irish Moss @ flameout
Safale US-05

Mashed in with 12 L of 77 degree water, hitting 67 degree mash in. Temp 65 after 30 mins, added 1 L boiling water to bring back up to 66.5. Mashed out with 1.5L boiling, then sparged with 76 degree water until 25 L of liquor collected. Boiled as above, left to no-chill.

2015-07-22: Kegged.

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