135. Amber Ale AG

3.5 kg JW ale
1.250 kg JW amber
0.250 kg JW medium crystal
28 g northern brewer 9.6%AA @ FWH (60 mins), 36 IBU
10 g chinook 13.3%AA @ 30 mins, 16 IBU
28 g summer 5.3%AA @ 5 mins, 4 IBU
US-05 yeast (harvested from brew 134)

Mashed in with 12.5L of 77 degree water to reach mash temp of 67 topped up half-way through with boiling water to maintain temp (though it dropped a bit in the end). Continuous sparged with 77 degree water for a total boil volume of 25 L. No-chill over night, siphon to fermenter and pitch yeast starter made from yeast harvested from brew 134. Post-boil volume 21.5 L, topped up to 23 L with OG 1.052.

2015-08-08: Bottled half, kegged half. Bottles bulk primed @ 4 g/L.

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