136. Monteith’s Black AG

4.5 kg Ale malt
250 g JW Med Crystal
750 g JW Amber
90 g JW choc
90 g JW roast barley
16 IBU Northern Brewer 9.6% AA = 11 g @ 60 mins
1tsp Gypsum to Greymouthise mash
2308 Munich Lager yeast
Aim for 23 L

Prepared yeast starter from half of the yeast from the fridge with 50 g LDME in 500 mL water. Added gypsum to heated water for mash in. Single infusion mash @ 67 C strike water temp 74 C mash out @ 76 C. 60 min mash. Continuous sparge, ~ 28 L pre-boil volume. 1 hour boil, no chill in pots outside overnight. Volume in the fermenter 23.5 L, OG 1.058. Pitched yeast starter, bringing total volume to 24 L.

2015-08-30: Racked, bulk primed with 80g sucrose, bottled. Very compact yeast cake.

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