137. Chocolate Porter AG

3 kg JW Ale malt
750 g JW Light Munich
350 g JW Vienna
250 g JW Amber
200 g JW Choc
150 g Carafa Special I
250 g JW Medium Crystal
150 g Porridge Oats
30 g Northern Brewer, 9.6%AA @ 45 minutes: 41 IBU
14 g East Kent Goldings, 4.6%AA @ 15 minutes: 5 IBU
14 g East Kent Goldings, 4.6%AA @ 5 minutes: 2 IBU
Irish Moss (whirlfloc)
Danstar Windsor yeast

Pre-boil volume 25.5L, post-boil volume 22L. No-chill over night. OG 1.056 @ 22L, topped up to 23L and yeast pitched directly.

2015-10-02: Racked, with 70 g chocolate nibs toasted for 10 minutes at 180 C non-fan and added to secondary with 80g sucrose.

2015-11-28: Racked onto 90 g sucrose boiled in water and 3 tsp vanilla essence. Kegged half, bottled half.

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