138. Coopers Real Ale

1 Coopers Real Ale kit
350 g Breiss pilsener LDME
150 g sucrose
375 g JW Medium Crystal
8 g Summer hops, 5.3% AA @ 10 minutes
23 g Cascade hops, 7.0% AA @ 10 minutes
kit yeast.

Steeped crystal in hot tap water twice, put liquor in pot with 150 g LDME for 3 L boil, adding hops for 10 minutes. Added remaining sugars to the boil and the kit to the fermenter. Strained the wort into the fermenter and topped up to 23 L with cold water.

Allowed to cool and pitched the kit yeast.

2016-01-16: racked then kegged, bottled remainder bulk primed at 4g/L.

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