139. Summer Cascades Pale Ale AG

5kg JW Ale
700g JW Crystal
33g Cascade pellets, 7.8%AA & 10g Chinook pellets, 13.3%AA @ 30 mins
10g Chinook pellets @ 20 mins
20g Cascade pellets @ 10 mins
30g Summer cones, 6.8%AA @ flameout
1/2 tablet of whirlfloc (Irish moss)
Safale US-05

Mashed in at 67 for 45 minutes, topped up with 1L boiling water half way through to maintain temp.
Boiled in two pots. No chill, overnight in pots, then brought inside until the afternoon to continue cooling to a low enough temp then ransferred 21.5 L to fermenter, OG 1.050, topped up to 23 L and pitched yeast.

Fermented around 26 degrees, so was pretty much finished in 48 hours.

2016-03-12: Racked.
2016-03-14: Added 15g of Summer cones dry hopped to secondary.
2016-03-15: Kegged half, racked, bulk primed with 5 g/L sucrose and bottled the other half.

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