141. Pilsener AG

5kg JW pils
140g JW light crystal
100g munich
50g vienna
20g Northern Brewer, 9.1%AA @ 60 mins for 24 IBU
28g Motueka, 6.6%AA @ 15 mins for 11 IBU
28g Hersbrucker, 2.3%AA @ 5 mins for 2 IBU
1/2 tablet Whirlfloc (Irish moss) at 15 mins
Saflager S-23 yeast

Long mash due to baby wrangling, 2.25 hours. Temp dropped from 66 to 62 over that time. Boiled, left outside overnight, pitched yeast the next morning at 18 degrees. Boil volume 25L, final volume 21L topped up to 23 with cold tap water.

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