146. Porter AG

4.5 kg JW ale
250 g crystal
650 g munich
250 g cara
200 g choc
150 g carafa special I
150 g rolled oats
21 g Northern Brewer @ 60 mins, 9.1%AA for 24 IBU
12 g Chinook @ 60 mins, 13.3%AA for 20 IBU
12 g Perle @ 15 mins, 6.3%AA for 5 IBU
16 g East Kent Goldings, 4.6%AA for 2 IBU

1/2 Whirlfloc tab (Irish Moss) at 15 minutes.

Danstar Nottingham yeast

Mashed in with 77°C water, resulting in a 68-69°C mash. Super stuck sparge, despite raising the liquor temp up to around 80°C, then ended up doing a batch sparge by scooping the thin part of the mash into a sieve on top of the fermenter. So there’ll be a lot of flour that made it through on this one. OG 1.050

2017-04-30: Racked (22 L beer obtained, so 1 L lost to trub, unsurprisingly), bulk primed with 132 g sucrose, bottled.

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